Ms. Sheanna’s tactical approach, probing technique and situational knowledge yields a depth of insight that few can offer. As she navigates the appellate system, clients are assured of her dedication, competency and trenchant approach to recover a loss.

Ms. Sheanna characterises practical and knowledgeable experience in civil litigation. Her legal coverage encompasses commercial, land, inheritance, retail recovery for financial institutions disputes.

Ms. Sheanna is interested in the area of intellectual property and technology law. She is willing to assist the client to understand the process IP lifecycle and protection available.

She manage-responds appeals across states including federal courts. In pursuing cases in a cost-efficient manner, her clients take comfort in knowing that their legal issues are in good hands.

Ms. Sheanna’s passion for women’s rights and children’s welfare takes precedence. Her perspective based approach to divorce, domestic violence and adoption matters ensure clients favourable and justified verdicts.

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